SOLD 2000 Ferrari 456 GT Modificato Manual - RHD


Excellent, six owners, clear title

MILEAGE: 35,600
STOCK NO: 1051

Six-speed, manual

ENGINE: 5,473 cc V twelve-cylinder, petrol
DRIVETRAIN: Front-engined, rear-wheel drive



“Ultimately this is its strength. It's a thoroughly well-developed package, something to keep and cherish. This is a long-term affair, not a night of passion. It’s good looks, and finely-honed behaviour confer an aura of respectability, that tames your baser instincts. But kindle the V12's fire, and the temptation is still very strong” – The Auto Channel

Vehicle Overview


Designed by Pietro Camardella and Lorenzo Ramaciotti of Pininfarina S.p.A, the Ferrari 456GT (internally coded the F116), was first introduced in 1992, as an addition to Ferrari’s extensive road  car range – including the 355GTB, 360, F430 and 550 Maranello. A genuine, four-seater - the 436 bhp, 5.5 litre V12-powered, hand-built Grand Tourer, proved globally popular, benefiting from enhanced engine reliability and durability, more suitable for the daily commute. Offered with either an automatic (GTA) or manual transmission (GTM), the tipo was in production from 1992-1997(456) and 1998-2003 as the 456M.  

Assembled on build no #36604 and delivered new via UK importer Maranello Sales Limited, in May 2000, it was specified with the following –


    - Verde Zeltweg (610) exterior

    - Beige hide interior, piped and stitched in dark green

    - Dark green upped dashboard, windscreen surround and steering wheel

    - Dark green carpets


    Optional extras:


      - Aluminium coloured brake calipers

      - Bespoke, hand-stitched seating


    Ownership history:

    9/5/00   Delivered new to the UK market, via Maranello Sales Limited, as their demonstrator, wearing the distinctive plate # EHF1
    21/7/00 circa 2k miles purchased by D O’Neill Esq from Maranello Sales Limited
    15/8/02 16,110 miles sold to J Lowry Esq of Buckinghamshire by Maranello Sales Ltd
    08/8/08 27,817 miles purchased via Rardley Motors Ltd to J Moss Esq of Surrey
    29/3/11 32,158 miles sold via Rardley Motors Ltd to  A Fincham Esq of Warwickshire
    12/9/14 35,038 miles purchased by current owner


    Twelve MOT’s on file:

    06/06/16 36,420 01/06/15 36,166
    11/09/14 35,038
    17/12/12 34,334
    15/12/11 33,377
    29/12/10 32,115
    14/05/09 30,591
    01/08/08 27,822
    13/07/07 27,204
    18/05/06 25,151
    26/05/05 22,574
    23/07/04 21,137


    Service history:

    01/02/01  8,719  miles Maranello Sales Limited annual and cambelt service
    19/08/02 16,110 Maranello Sales Limited annual service
    03/07/03 19,240 Maranello Sales Limited annual service
    26/05/05 22,557 Maranello Sales Limited annual and cambelt service
    22/05/06 25,160 Maranello Sales Limited annual service
    18/06/07 27,187 Maranello Sales Limited annual service
    08/08/08 27,817 Maranello Sales Limited annual and cambelt service
    12/05/09 30,585 Rosneath Engineering annual service
    10/12/10 32,119 Rosneath Engineering annual and cambelt service, belts and tensioner bearings
    12/09/14 34,900 Rardley Motors Limited annual and cambelt service
    14/01/15 35,531 R&D Automotive Limited new fly-wheel, air-conditioning unit and ECU £5,336.80

    Also included:

    - Original leather wallet containing 456M GT owner’s manual
    - Factory-fitted Hi-fi manual and warranty card
    - 2005 Ferrari S.p.A. “sale and service agents” directories
    - Tipo specific alarm system manual
    - Cobra NavTrak fitted alarm
    - Power-train warranty guide


    Production numbers for UK market:

    456 GTs 1,548 cars: introduced in 1993, 141 UK RHD GT's
    456 GTAs 403 cars: introduced in approx. 1998, 61 UK RHD GTA's
    456M GT's 688 cars: 33 UK RHD M GT's
    456M GTA's 650 cars: 136 UK RHD M GTA's




    • - Very rare in RHD. One of just approx. 33 delivered to the UK market
    • - Highly optioned in a distinctive colour combination, with a Verde Zeltweg exterior, complemented by a beige leather interior
    • - Hand-built, 442bhp, V12 four-seater
    • - 35,600 miles from new
    • - Complete marque specialist history
    - Presented with all books, tools, keys and schedoni wallet 



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