Available 1968 FERRARI 365GT 2+2 LHD

CONDITION: Excellent, clear title
MILEAGE: 511 km
STOCK NO: 1061
TRANSMISSION: Five-speed-manual
ENGINE: 4,390 cc V twelve-cylinder, petrol
DRIVETRAIN: Front-engined, rear-wheel drive
EXTERIOR COLOUR: Argento Nurburging
INTERIOR COLOUR: Beige leather interior
PRICE: £299,850
Tipo Review

Petrolicious Road Test


Concurrent with production of the 275GT-series and replacing the 330GT MKII and 500 Superfast, Ferrari S.p.A. launched the 4.4 litre V12, “365” at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show; headlining their stand, with the luxurious, and very limited production, “California” variant.

The following year; Ferrari’s first model with all independent rear suspension, the 365GT2+2, was unveiled at the annual Paris Salon – a result of the strategic partnership between themselves and Koni, it combined coil springs/shock-absorbers to ensure excellent road-holding, thanks to the self-levelling system at the rear. The chassis had the same wheel-base as the 330 GT 2+2, but the bodywork was totally new, and more like the Superfast model, than previous 2+2s. It was the largest and most luxurious Ferrari ever made at that point…no surprise it attracted much attention and a full order book.

The car’s styling is most similar to that of the 365 GTC/GTS, slightly elongated to accommodate the rear seating, and as with the GTB/4 and 330 GTC, the transmission involved the ‘torque tube’ system. Presented with electric windows and an integral stereo, it was the first production Ferrari, to have standard air conditioning for the North American market.

In production from 1968 until 1971 (by which time, it was also joined by the 206 Dino and 365 Daytona); the 365GT is from a decade of prolific growth for Ferrari and is a highly collectible, very versatile Grand Tourer, in the finest tradition.

The chassis we are very pleased to offer is from the first year of model production; completed in Maranello on 28/5/68 and delivered via Turin-based, main-dealer Italcar S.p.A, to Signor Blangino of the same city, on 14/6/68 (photocopy of build-sheet from Ferrari S.p.A on file)


Chassis no #11461. Identified as 365 GT 2+2. Destinazione Blangino, Italy.

Assembly sequence no. 76, body no. 75/A. (H. Raab "Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed").

European model. New in Azzurro Metallizzato 106-A-32 (silver blue) with light-tan leather.

1968, sold new in Torino, Italy to Blangino, Italy. Registered on Roma number plates P6 1893.

1975, sold to John Angeleri of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

1976–1978, owned by John Angeleri of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

1979–1983, in storage with John Angeleri of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

1983, sold to Bill Orth, general manager at what was then Stewart Classics but is now Ferrari Denver. Bill was the general manager from the very early 1980s to 2009.

1983–1984, engine rebuilt by Bill Orth at 70,000 kms. New factory Borgo pistons, all new (standard size) bearings, new clutch, etc.. As per Bill Orth absolutely no smoke.

1984, 21 May, Florida title issued to Bill Orth, Winter Park, FL, 32792.

1984, 23 June, driven cross country from Denver and shown at the Ferrari Club of America National Meet, Pine Isle, Georgia, by Bill Orth, received 1st in class.

1985, 12–14 July, driven cross country from Denver and shown at the Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet, Watkins Glen, New York, by Bill Orth, received 2nd in class.

1988, 05–07 Aug., driven cross country from Denver and shown at the Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet, Quit Qui Oc golf course, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, by Bill Orth, received 2nd in class.

1990, 04 Aug.,–01 Sept., chassis no# 11461 for sale in Ferrari Market Letter (FML) by Bill Orth. Celeste blue with beige interior. Paint, leather, carpets, etc. are all original. Has won 1st or 2nd in class at FCA National Concours each time shown. Alloys and Borranis, tools, etc. Engine overhauled and new clutch at 70,000 km. Never hit or rusted. 90,000 km. $165,000, prefer partial/total trade-out with 308 GTS, early Corniche, 930, etc..

1990, 13 Oct.,–27 Oct., FML advert repeated

1990, 08 Dec.,–22 Dec FML advert repeated

1991, 5 Jan–09 Nov., for sale in FML by Bill Orth. Celeste blue with beige interior. 62,000 miles. Alloys, Borranis, build sheets, tools and many spares. Three-time FCA National Concours class winner! Never restored, painted, damaged, modified, smoked or flatulated in. Complete history, receipts for recent engine overhaul and clutch, plus much more. 1991, 08 Nov, sold through Mike Sheehan’s European Auto Sales and Andrew Turner, Italian Motors, Hong Kong to Michael Mackenzie, an Englishman based in Hong Kong for $74,500.

1995, shipped to Michael Mackenzie’s sister in law’s house, Las Vegas, NV.

2012, May, to Symbolic Service, San Diego, for pre-sale inspection and service.

2012, June, serviced at Symbolic Service, 11455 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego. Frame steam cleaned and painted, lower car detailed, new-old-stock left side mufflers fitted. Refinished rocker panels. All fluids flushed and changed including engine oil and filters, transmission and differential fluids, coolant and brake fluid. Drained fuel, cleaned fuel lines. Pre-lubed cylinders, checked cylinders with bore scope. Dropped oil pan and inspected bearings and thrust washers. Inspected and adjusted valves, checked cam timing. Test drove and inspected. Short driving test. Total invoice: $5,802.62. Four new Pirelli P4 P215-70R-15 tires installed: $523,55. Wheels refinished, tires balanced and a used spare mag wheel: $400.00. 2012, July, post-pre-sale service by Symbolic Service, San Diego. Installed new battery and hold-down. Painted bracket. Installed new crank thrust washers, all new engine oil fluids and filters. Removed-rebuilt and refitted all carburettors. Rebuilt fuel pump. Checked distributors and ignition timing. Installed twelve new spark plugs. Installed new rear electric fuel pump. Rebuilt mechanical pump. Repainted cam covers and heat shields while off. One owner for the last twenty-one years. Just out of storage and fully serviced. In June, a detailed pre-sale inspection was done, including steam cleaning the frame and a chassis repaint and detail. A new-old-stock left muffler was installed and the heat shields were re-wrinkled. The rockers were refinished and all fluids were flushed and changed, including engine oil and filters, transmission and differential fluids, coolant and brake fluid. The fuel was drained, the engine was pre-lubed and the cylinders checked with a bore scope. The oil pan was dropped and the bottom end was inspected. The valve train was inspected and the cam timing was checked. The engine was test run and a full safety check was done. Four new Pirelli P4 P215-70R-15 tires were installed and a good used spare mag wheel was located. After the pre-sale inspection, a new battery and hold-down were installed. The carburettors were rebuilt and the mechanical fuel pump was rebuilt. The distributors and ignition timing were checked and new plugs were fitted. A new rear electric fuel pump was fitted. The cam covers and heat shields were touched up while off, and multiple full test drive cycles were completed. The A/C was recharged and tested. Test drove. Total invoice: $9,121.15.

2012, July, for sale by Michael Sheehan’s Ferraris-online LLC.

“This is easily one of the “best original patina” Queen Mothers in the US. It has an extremely strong engine and pulls like a freight train with excellent brakes and clutch. It’s a Euro-spec car, built in 1968, so no emissions equipment and it’s smog exempt almost everywhere. Even the power vent windows work and the A/C blows cold.”

2014 LBI Limited of Philadelphia, PA/USA (Andrew D. Mastin) claims to have sold this car

June 11, 2014 Imported to England and sold to Simon Rowell Esq.

2016/2017 Comprehensively rebuilt by PF Autos of Stoke in Staffordshire, England

July 2017 Shown at the Ferrari Owners Club England NW meeting and Concours where it was awarded 1st place, scoring 93%

October 2017 For sale through 2B Consulting Automotive Limited in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England

Our thanks to Marcel Massini and Mike Sheehan for reproduction of the documented history of this car.


07/09/17 - 505

04/09/14 - 62,091 miles

11/06/14 - 62,091 miles – all import duties paid, NOVA documentation completed and registered #SVR529H


-Leather-bound history file, embossed with chassis no

-E-gallery presentation of cars restoration

-Indoor tailored car cover

-Original copy of 3/69 “Car and Driver” 365GT 2+2 profile

-Original copy of 11/69 “Road and Track” magazine including road test of the 365GT2+2, “the Queen Mother of Ferrari’s”

-Complete reprint of Owner’s, maintenance and service handbook


- Presented with complete history from new

- FOCGB class Concours winning restoration ‘16’17, completed less than 320 miles ago

- Exceptional value, with only routine maintenance required

- Ready for global touring events and further concours success

- Available for purchase and import to multiple, global markets



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